Maryam Zahra: Beginning of my journey at Centangle Interactive

After graduation, my goal was to enhance and improve my graphic designing skills. I took a couple of months to polish my designing skills to the fullest that could help me secure a position at a company.
I was a bit skeptical about my options and worried about a proper working environment but I ended up making the best choice. I took out a few months and learned a couple of designing tools. I heard about an internship opportunity at Centangle Interactive through Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB). I applied for the position that was later accepted and I formally became part of the Centangle Interactive team. I now work with the digital media department and look after various graphics design and usability related tasks.

Centangle Interactive has not only given me a proper opportunity to learn new things in the graphics design world but also provided me with a very friendly environment. From the first day at Centangle Interactive to this day, I have enjoyed the professional atmosphere.

Overall the team is very cooperative and helping. At Centangle Interactive, I am not only learning a new thing every day but my colleagues are helping me groom myself as well. I am hoping to make myself a better UX/UI professional and help Centangle Interactive to grow in the upcoming years.


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  1. Imran Hunzai says:

    Welcome to the team Maryam.

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  2. mushahidh says:

    Welcome aboard Maryam! . We hope you will have an amazing time working with us.

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