Beginning of a new start

A little more than six months back, Centangle Interactive has moved to a new office with a fresh passion and new plans to continue creating exciting digital products. We are also hopeful to continue offering useful digital services to our current and new clients. A few more faces have joined our team that we will introduce from time to time.

Our special gratitude to Mr. Amir Malik, the CEO of COMSATS Internet Services, who has played a pivotal role in the creation of CIS Technology Park and offering platform for new companies like ours to expand their business.

Stay tuned to our Instagram ( to know more about our activities other than work 🙂



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Imran Hunzai says:

    @kichasher Sir kamal kartey hain


  2. kichasher says:

    I am impressed! keep on doing the good work @hunzai


    1. Imran Hunzai says:

      Shukuriya sir. Saath DP b change karen 😀


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